Rolled metal products

Rolled metal products

$ 1 /sq m
$ 1 /sq m, min. 40 sq m  wholesale
Delivery terms: FOB Odessa, Ukraine
Ничаюк Дмитрий Александрович, менеджер
Flagma member since 27 August 2018

We offer the widest range of rolled metal products (including sheet metal) and we provide metallurgical products in various areas such as repair, production, construction and others. At our warehouses, there are the most consumable positions of rolled metal and finished metal products.

Our range of products from metal corresponds to the optimal ratio of price and quality.

During the working history of the company, the company dynamically develops, acquiring and improving the skills of conducting commercial activities in the field of rolled metal products.
For the years of our work we have perfected the method of customer service:

preparation of rolled metal, timely shipping;
the list of products sold from metal is constantly growing in comparison with 2005, the nomenclature has increased several times.

Posted: 13 September 2018, 08:12
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